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How can I set up top gifter leaderboards?

This is pretty easy here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Invite the bot when you don't already have it. You can do this by clicking here "Invite".

2. Go on and get the link to the streamer you want to create a leaderboard for. The link should look like this "". You can also just copy the name for example "xqc".

3. Use the /leaderboard add command inside your Discord Server, and paste the link or name you copied into the "streamer" option. Then, specify the desired channel where the bot should send the leaderboard to.

3.1 If you want you can also set a different style. To do this use the "style" option and select your wanted style!

5. Done! The message should be already sent and will update itself in the next minutes.

Note: Make sure the bot have the required perms to send the message in the channel.